What is sublimation?

Technically speaking, sublimation is a gas conversion process that uses heat to transfer dye permanently into the material. The design or image is infused into the fabric, making it softer and more fluid when you touch or look at it. It actually becomes a permanent part of the fabric that never comes off and won’t fade, peel, or crack over time.

What sports are available to purchase?

Some product categories are larger than others, but we build custom sublimated uniforms for every major sport, and spirit wear and fan apparel for families and friends. Baseball, basketball, softball, football, volleyball, cheerleading, soccer, hockey, 7 on 7, wrestling, MMA, Cycling, BMX… we build it all!

How long does it take to get uniforms?

Your order officially starts when you approve the final art design and your production work order. Once we have your signed work order and payment, your new gear is generally ready to ship in about 2.5 to 3 weeks for most items. Larger orders above 300 pieces or uniform sets can sometime take a bit longer depending on the time of year.

What is my minimum order?

We have a low minimum order quantity of just 12 pieces for your initial order, and no minimum requirement for add on or fill in orders with the exact same uniform and design. We also offer the ability to purchase below minimum with a special handling fee.

Other Sites have a Uniform Builder, why don’t you?

When you put a uniform builder on your site you are really only offering 10 or 15 uniform templates for customers to choose from. This actually limits the customers by only allowing them to change the colors in preset areas on the uniform, and pick from the preselected fonts for the names and numbers. We build 100% custom uniforms that are made to order, not semi-custom uniforms built from an existing template design like many of our competitors. You simply cannot do that with a uniform builder. From our perspective, why get new sublimated uniforms for your team from the same template that a bunch of other teams could be wearing, when you can get a 100% custom uniform that was designed and made just for you!

Sublimated Uniforms Always Seem to Have Wild and Crazy Designs.  I’m not sure I like that.

Yes, a lot of teams do like to make a statement with their uniforms, and some of the designs can be really extreme.  However, the great part about sublimation is that it covers all aspects of the design.  We can build very traditional, or old school looking uniforms, really wild and crazy uniforms, and anything in between.  If you can imagine it… we can build it!

Why is sublimation better than screen printing or heat press?

  • Sublimation permanently imbeds the design and logos into the fabric.  It won’t fade, peel, or crack like screen printing or heat press.
  • Colors can be brighter and more vibrant that screen printing or heat press.
  • Traditional decoration methods are applied on top of the fabric.  This can affect the way the garment drapes on the body and the breathability of performance fabrics.  Sublimation is part of the fabric so it drapes perfectly and the performance fabric breathes properly over the entire body.
  • An image or design can be printed all over the entire item, even all the way to the edges or hem.
  • You get more for your money. All decoration is included which mean you can have multi-color numbers, player names, full color logos, team names, sponsor names and logo, flags, league emblems, etc.  With traditional decoration each place you decorate or additional color you want on your gear adds to the cost of the garment.