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We specialize in custom sublimated jerseys and custom sublimated uniforms that will set your team apart and make them look super professional on the court, field, or pitch.

Blank and Personalized Jerseys

We create the best sublimated jerseys and uniforms at the best prices in the industry! Whether you’re looking for sublimated youth jerseys, sublimated team uniforms, or even sublimated reversible uniforms, you’ll find just what you need here.

Youth Football Jerseys

Personalized Jerseys

Showcase your team and your names on custom sublimated jerseys.

We use a cutting-edge printing technique called sublimation to manufacture our custom uniforms and jerseys. This innovative process ensures that you get both comfort and style! Sublimation doesn’t make the fabric feel heavy and allows for maximum airflow so your skin can breathe. The colors stay vibrant and vivid even after hundreds of washes. All logos and slogans also look sharp and don’t fade away when you wash your uniform.


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Affordable Custom Youth and Team Uniforms

Our custom sublimated youth jerseys and team uniforms are the best on the market. We feel safe to say this since we only use the best materials to make them, and they are also affordable!  Compare our prices and you will see for yourself!

2-3 Week Turn Around Time On Most Orders

We can fulfill an order in as little 7 business days. Our competitor’s turnaround is 6-8 weeks or longer!  Most orders average about 2-3 weeks, after approval of the designs and artwork.

Completely Customizable

Every square inch of our sublimated uniforms is customizable for whatever you wish. You can get any design you want at no extra cost!  Whatever your color scheme is, whatever your mascot is, we can make it work!

Reversible Jerseys and Uniforms

Our sublimated reversible uniform sets are the perfect two-in-one outfits for your team.  Home and away, or game and practice – whatever your needs are, these jerseys are fully reversible and look sharp on both sides!

About Team Sublimated

Team SublimatedFrom the smallest orders and projects, to supporting entire school districts and athletic leagues, we can service your needs and work with your budget to create just the right image for your team or teams

We sell to all size teams, leagues, and business. From a small Pop Warner football teams wanting to look good on the field to large college and semi-pro teams as well as schools of all levels and size in between,

We also sell spirit wear and fan apparel for parents and friends who are looking to support their favorite players, their team, or to raise money. Anyone can order from us. Most of our products can be purchased with no minimum order requirements and we offer volume discounts on all of the products we supply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sublimation?

Technically speaking, sublimation is a gas conversion process that uses heat to transfer dye permanent into a material. The design or image is infused into the fabric, making it softer and more fluid when you touch or look at it, and it becomes a permanent part of the fabric.

What sports are available to purchase?

Some product categories are largest that others, but we build custom sublimated uniforms for every major sport, and spirit wear and fan apparel for the families and friend. Baseball, basketball, softball, football, volleyball, cheerleading, soccer, hockey, 7 on 7, wrestling, MMA, Cycling, BMX… we build it all!

How long does it take to get uniforms?

Your order officially starts when you have approved a final design and work order and we receive your payment. Once we have your signed work order and payment your order is generally ready to ship in about 2.5 to 3 weeks for most items. Larger order above 300 piece or uniform sets can sometime take a bit longer.

What is my minimum order?

We have a low minimum order quantity of 12 pieces for initial orders, with no minimum requirement for add on or fill in orders with the exact same design. We also offer the ability to purchase below minimum with a special handling fee.

Other Sites have a Uniform Builder, why don’t you?

When you put a uniform builder on your site you are really only offer 10 or 15 uniform templates for customers to choose from. This limits the customer by only allowing them to change the colors in preselected areas on the uniform template and pick from preselect fonts for names and number. We build 100% made to order full custom gear, not semi-custom template based designs like many of our competitors, and you cannot do that with a uniform builder. Why get new uniforms from the same template that hundreds of other teams could be wearing when you can get a 100% custom uniform designed and made just for you!

Sublimated Uniforms Always Seem To Have Wild and Crazy Designs. I’m not sure I like that.

Yes, a lot of teams do like to make a statement with their uniforms, and some of the designs can be extreme. However, the great part about sublimation is that it covers all aspects of the design. We can build a very a traditional or old school looking uniforms, wild and crazy uniforms, and anything in between. If you can imagine it… we can build it!


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